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A floral afternoon tea

April 21, 2018

Give me any excuse to play around with flower and I will be there with bells on!! So when Eliza asked me if we could have a floral afternoon tea, well, I didn’t need to be asked twice!

These flowers were ones that I bought from The Dutch Masters in Twyford which is a florist wholesalers which anyone can walk into and buy from. I find it one of the best places to get fresh flowers at a reasonable cost which are different to the ones you get in the supermarket. You have to be careful on prices though as they are not displayed on the buckets but you can ask. Another thing to take care of is that you have to buy in bunches of 6/12 stems of the same flower so you can end up with masses of flowers quite quickly!

Eliza loved having a girly day with me, just playing around with flowers and eating all the cake…

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