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Bluebell fields at Hinton Ampner

May 6, 2018

Bluebell season is such a fleeting thing that this year I made a concerted effort to get out and enjoy it! A quick google and I found that one of the best places to see the bluebells in the south was at Hinton Amper a National Trust house that backs onto ancient woodland.

When we arrived, everyone in the queue in front of us was asking the exact same thing, where was the best place to walk to get to the bluebells! Despite arriving at opening, we hot footed it down into the woodland to try and get ahead of the crowds and I have to say it worked! We had the woods to ourselves until right towards the end when people came at the opposite direction to us.

Its important not to stand on the bluebells when you take photos as they can take 5 years to recover and they are protected but there was lots of footpaths through them so take photos. I wish you could also smell the photos as honestly the air was perfumed with the soft scent everywhere we went and it was just perfect.

Getting my instagram groove on… 😂

Both kids loved walking through the forest, carrying very long sticks along most of the journey….

It was around a 3 mile walk and we did chop at bit off the end by taking a shortcut as Eliza was struggling at the end but they did well and minimum moaning!! We didn’t spend any time in the house itself this time, but it is worth a visit if you are in the area and the walled gardens are beautiful when the sun is out.

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