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Dining space tour and Sunday flowers 💕

March 8, 2018

Ahh, I love a lazy Sunday morning, just chilling, playing with flowers and enjoying having a tidy dining space for once!

Our house is a 3 story town house so space on the ground floor is tight, I would love to knock through to the kitchen but at the moment it’s not something I can afford. In the meantime this dining space works really well, its in a little alcove and the space is lovely and light. The lights are from John Lewis and I got a splitter from IKEA so we could get 2 lights from the one socket.

These flowers were ones that I picked up from The Dutch Masters in Twyford and I love the spring feeling they give to the room  😍


In the flowers were these stunning avalanche roses which opened up to be huge!! I also got these flowers to make up some Mothers day flowers for my mum and mother in law and I think they were impressed with what I put together for them.

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