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Eco Friendly House in Torquay

August 31, 2018

Our last trip away of the summer was a 3 night stay in Kingskerwell near Torquay, I booked this stunning house on Airbnb and I think I got a winner!! It’s a 3 bedroom house with an open plan living space and also eco friendly with solar panels, an air source heat pump and heat recovery system which all in all I found very cool. Our house had been booked by a lovely family to watch the cricket at the Ageas Bowl which paid for the trip!

I loved the house and it was absolutely perfect for us. One thing I really like about staying in Airbnb’s is that we all get our own rooms, I am personally not a fan of hotel rooms for long stays when you have to share with the kids, as when they go to bed at 7.30pm we are stuck in the dark! This house also had a lovely outdoor space with a BBQ and sofa, we didn’t get time to use this but I think if it had been hotter then it would have been popular.

I loved the open plan living spaces on both the bottom and top floors, I would love to have a mezzanine floor in a future house, mostly so we can chuck dirty washing over the side – or is that just me?!

Whilst here we did have a day trip out to Paignton Zoo, which I highly recommend! We loved it and got free entry as we have annual passes at Marwell Zoo and that gets you into their partner zoos for free! That includes Colchester Zoo, Bristol Zoo and a couple of others.

Whilst we live on the south coast, I never tire of visiting the sea and all the cliches of being beside the sea are very true for me! Both Torquay and Paignton are old school seaside towns and while they can be run down in places, I do have a soft spot for amusements as I remember spending hours with my dad as a kid on the 2p machines. I am sure that a £1 used to last me all day!

It was lovely to see the kids getting on and exploring the rock pools together, discussing things they had found and generally not being glued to some sort of electronic device!

On Paignton beach there was this super cute thatched cottage overlooking the sea which had hydrangeas growing out the front 😍 I loved that it was a little worn around the edges.

Would I come back? I don’t think so, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t fun!! I loved the old school seaside vibe and the sea but it didn’t quite have enough to entice me for more than one visit. Have you visited?


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