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Everyone needs a gold elephant?!

September 10, 2018

There are times when you walk into a shop, see something and just know that you need to bring it home right?! This is exactly what happened to me and a gorgeous gold elephant head….

I hadn’t intended to get anything, but I have been looking for something for this bit of the wall in the study/snug for a long time. I knew when I saw that perfect thing, I would just know! The study/snug is all about the navy wall, gold accents and then a super comfy tan leather sofa on the other side of the room. This room has been really fun to do because it is so different from the rest of the house, the navy wall is perfect with the pop of the yellow from the chair.

Back to the elephant head, there is lovely independent home decor shop near me in Botley, Abode and it always sells the most gorgeous bits. I went in with the kids to grab a card for a friends birthday, also saw some tea light holders (heart shape stone stone) before going to pay, realising that they don’t take contactless (serves me right for trying to pay on my phone) and having to run back to the car for my cards – doh! However on the journey I had time to mull over the elephant head that I had seen as I dashed out the door, hanging on a pillar and realising that it was absolutely perfect. I think I had seen it for approximately 5 seconds before buying it, the lady at the till do look slightly shocked at my quick decision making!!

The kids did say to me as we carried the large box back to the car if I was going to tell Daddy how much it cost, to which I replied – only if he asks! It does however look perfect in its new home, I think ideally I should have hung it a bit lower, but to be honest there are a million other jobs for me to do before it gets moved!!

I would love to have a recessed fireplace built in this room, but as this wall is one that attaches to our next door neighbours I don’t think they would like it if I put a hole in their wall…. I have thought about a fake one, maybe painted navy to blend into the wall but I am not sure if it would take up too much space?

This room still has loads of work to do on it, loads of things are not quite perfect, but then when is a house ever perfect?

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