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Gorgeous floral wreaths

August 16, 2018

Creating a fresh floral wreath is a really lovely thing to do with flowers that are at that point just before they start to die. I am not going to pretend that these last forever, I know you can use oasis foam or tape the flowers to make them last but to be honest, this is just a fun project that won’t survive long!

If you want to read about how I create these wreaths you can read my previous blog HERE where I talk you through how I use a grapevine wreath from hobbycraft and place the flowers.

This is a collection of all the wreaths I have made recently that you may have seen on my instagram feed. I really love to create these and I have a dried hydrangea one next on my list to do! I take the photos on the bottom of my door as the top part is glass and its a nightmare to photograph without getting myself in the reflection but they dont stay here (mostly because I think that the postman would complain that he couldn’t get letters through my door!).

I have found that command hooks are the best for hanging, they stick firmly, dont budge and take the weight of the wreath with no issue. In fact I just command strips and hooks all over the house as they do not take paint off the walls and there is no need to worry if there are electrics etc behind the wall.

It is a great project to sit down and just zone out with, as the flowers are normally old so it doesn’t matter if you accidentally break one. I try not to overthink the placement of them, just letting it happen naturally, I know that sounds odd but when you take a step back you can normally see if it looks wrong, a flower needs to change position or one added into an empty space.

I love using different flowers as the seasons change, never did I think I would be that person getting excited over the ranunculus or tulip seasons coming! Though, if you are on instagram its hard to miss the ‘In’ flower of that month and they always seem to be everywhere.

This one was made using flowers from the garden and I adore the country feel that it has to it!


So, use some old flowers to make a gorgeous floral wreath for your door!

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