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Hydrangea love in the lounge

August 19, 2018

Now that the roses and peonies have faded, I have moved onto this seasons most loved flower for me, hydrangeas! These gorgeous blooms are all over instagram at the moment and it’s really not hard to see why 😍 They are unashamedly big, bold, beautifully coloured and fill vases with just a few stems. I love that with planted hydrangeas, you can pot them in acid soil if you want blue blooms, and alkaline or neutral if you prefer the pink colour.

Sadly the hydrangeas that I have been loving looking after in the garden have wilted and died in the heatwave. The plants are only just being coxed back into life, while all the flower heads that I had so much hope in cutting for the house have turned to dried black twigs.

I picked these ones up from my local wholesale florist, Dutch Masters in Twyford. I never knew that non-trade people could visit these kind of places until Sarah (who runs floristry workshops in wickham) told me it existed! Its kind of an odd place, it’s a little unit on an industrial estate where you just walk in, wander round the buckets of flowers, none of which have prices on!

So, its really easy to spend lots of money as you are buying them in bunches of 6 or 12 stems and if they are £1.20 per stem, you can see how it mounts up!!

Despite this, I really enjoy going as you get flowers much cheaper than the major shops and you get varieties you wouldn’t see. You just have to be strict with yourself and over time I have just learnt which flowers are cheaper than others (tip – the longer the stem the more expensive it is!)

I saw these gorgeous hydrangeas (I think they are the magical variety?) which have small flower heads and I couldn’t walk away from them. In the bucket they just didn’t look that big…. but when they wrapped up the bunch for me they were bigger than my head and filled up most of my car boot!

At home I also realised that I didn’t have enough vases for all these flowers… I had thought I had lots of jugs, vases and variously sized vintage bottles but clearly I was mistaken!! I think this will have to be a situation that will need rapidly fixing with a shopping spree 😂

The lovely man at the florists told me that they should last a long time and then I have plans to dry them out and make a gorgeous wreath for my front door. I have never actually dried flowers before, so I have no idea how its going to turn out, but loads of people do it on instagram so I have decided it cant be too hard! haha!

In the mean time they are going to take pride of place in my living room, which I have to say is looking gorgeous at the moment. Whilst I am a summer girl at heart, I am looking forward to snuggling under the chunky knit blankets, piles of cushions and lighting candles around the room! It definitely feels like there is a change in the weather round here, a change from summer to autumn, the coolness in the air and having to find jumpers from the back of the cupboard again!

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